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  [00:04.72]Good girl. 乖姑娘
  [00:06.36]Good Sonya 乖索婭
  [00:13.04]Easy. Easy, girl. Easy, girl. 聽話, 聽話, 姑娘 聽話, 姑娘
  [00:21.92](Sonya whinnies) 一, 二, 三
  [00:23.56]One, two, three...
  [00:28.72]CHILD: Bye, Cale. - Bye. 再見, 凱麗 再見
  [00:35.76]One, two, three. 一, 二, 三
  [00:40.00]OK, that’s good. That’s good. 好的, 很好 很好
  [00:44.48]- She OK? - She’s OK 她沒事吧? 她沒事
  [00:44.68]She’s doing great 她做得很好
  [01:38.24]- Whoa, whoa. You all right? - Fine. 哇, 哇, 你沒事吧? 沒事
  [01:41.56]- You OK? She kick you? BALON: Easy. 你沒事吧?她踢你? 慢點
  [01:44.36]Come on. It’s OK, honey. 好了, 沒事, 寶貝
  [01:45.08]- How is she? - She’s OK. 她怎么樣? 她沒事
  [01:48.88]What were you doing? She’s... she’s not a pet, Cale. 你在干什么?她不是寵物, 凱麗
  [01:51.88]She’s what I do for work now so you ’ll have to leave her be all right? 她是用來比賽的, 所以你不要惹她, 知道嗎?
  [01:58.68]Llm sorry 對不起
  [02:01.88]- You sure you’re all right? - Fine. 你確定沒事嗎? 沒事
  [04:06.08](Sonya snorts)
  [04:40.60]- Here you go. - Thank you. 來吧 謝謝
  [04:45.00]You make all that money and eat as much pie as you want? 你掙那么多錢, 吃盡可能多的饣餡餅?
  [04:48.92](Chuckles) Yeah, I can ’t find a better job. 是的, 我找不到更好的工作
  [04:54.88]Manny’s gonna take me to watch him ride a racehorse. 曼尼要帶我去看他騎賽馬
  [04:55.64]And tonight I’m gonna muck out Sonya’s stall1. 今晚我要給桑婭清除糞便
  [04:57.96]- I’m thinking about painting it. - Nice to have a horse, huh? 我在考慮給它上色 有匹馬很好, 嗯?
  [05:04.68]Especially after Dad said, 尤其是爸爸說過
  [05:06.52]"There will never be another horse in this farm as long as I live." “我有生之年這個農場 不會再有馬之后”
  [05:11.52]Did Pop tell you that? 帕普這樣跟你說的嗎?
  [05:14.40]Don ’t you listen to everything Pop says. There’s two sides to every story. 別爸爸說的什么你都聽, 什么事情都有兩面的
  [05:19.68]Pop said Dad’s the best horseman. Says he has a gift. 帕普說爸爸是最好的騎師, 她有禮物
  [05:22.92]Well, that’s true. 是的
  [05:24.96]We all know that’s true. 我們都知道是的
  [05:39.32]- Hey. - Hello. 嘿 你好
  [05:42.48]Whoa, Zephyr2. Whoa, boy. 哇, 澤普哇, 伙計
  [05:47.84]Thanks, Mike. 謝謝, 邁克
  [05:48.92]- What’d you think about that? - That was fast. 你覺得怎么樣? 很快
  [05:50.64]- Nice boots. - Ah, Thank you. 靴子很漂亮 啊, 謝謝
  [05:54.92]Oxo rc so a co u p o o f h o rsos fo r a fow ow h o rs 我為幾個馬主訓練馬匹
  [06:04.92]- Pretty cool, huh? - Yeah. 很酷, 嗯? 是的
  [06:12.28]You ever ride in races? 你參加過比賽嗎?
  [06:16.56]Couple of times I did. 參加過幾次
  [06:18.88]- But no more. - Why? 但是不會再參賽了 為什么?
  [06:22.40]Er... 嗯
  [06:24.56]I have bad dreams. 我做噩夢
  [06:33.56]Three years ago I got my first real race. 三年前我參加第一次真正的比賽
  [06:37.52]I ran fifth. 我跑了第五名
  [06:38.12]What was the name of the horse? 那匹馬叫什么名字?
  [06:43.84]Downtown Swing. 丹塔斯維
  [06:46.60]- It was amazing. - Did you ever ride him again? 很好 你再騎過他嗎?
  [06:50.52]Yeah. In our second race, I was flying into that first turn. 是的, 第二場比賽, 我跑了第一名
  [06:54.04]And then I looked under my arm to see if I was clear on the rail. 然后我看我的胳膊下面, 看我的圍欄是否清楚
  [06:58.68]When I looked back up, there was a horse swerving3 into me. 當我再抬頭時, 看見一匹馬轉頭朝我跑來
  [07:00.56]My left foot came out of the iron, I fell to the ground... 我的左腳掉出馬鞍, 我掉到了地上
  [07:04.24]and I got run over by three horses. 我被三匹馬超了過去
  [07:07.24]Broke both shoulders, sternum... 雙肩都摔斷了, 胸骨
  [07:11.16]punctured a lung. 肺穿孔
  [07:11.24]four ribs4 四根
  [07:15.92]You never raced again. 你再也不比賽
  [07:19.40](Sighs heavily)
  [07:21.24]You know, at night, when I fall asleep... 知道嗎, 晚上, 我睡著后
  [07:26.72]...I dream I’m in a big race on a very fast horse. 我夢見我騎著一匹很快的馬在比賽
  [07:31.84]And I look to my left foot, it slips out of the iron and I begin to fall. 我看我的左腳, 它滑出了馬鞍, 我開始跌落下來
  [07:35.52]But... before I hit the ground, I wake up. 但是我摔到地上之前我醒了
  [07:39.68]- But you still exercise racehorses. - Yeah. 但是你還是在訓練馬 是的
  [07:42.12]Just... 只是
  [07:43.00]It’s just me and the horse alone on the track, 只是我和馬在跑道上
  [07:49.00]No-one to bother us. It’s much better that way. 沒人打擾我們, 那樣更好
  [07:50.04]free. 自由的
  [07:54.32]- I’m sorry about your nightmares5, Manny. - It ’s OK 你的噩夢我很難過, 曼尼 沒關系
  [08:01.52]It’s God’s way of telling me no more racing6. 是上帝叫我別再比賽的
  [08:32.36]Good night. 晚安
  [08:50.88]From Mom. 媽媽叫我送來的
  [08:52.88]I’m good, honey. Just put it down there. 我很好, 寶貝  放在那里吧
  [09:04.00]Cale? 凱麗?
  [09:08.56]Will you grab7 that roll of wire underneath8 the fence? 把柵欄下面的線拿起來好嗎?
  [09:09.32]Yeah. 好的
  [09:17.00]You can just hang on to it there. 你可以呆在這里
  [09:24.96]Pop said this farm used to be beautiful. 帕普說這個農場過去很美
  [09:30.68]This farm was beautiful. 這個農場是很美
  [09:33.88]200 acres. One of the nicest in Versailles. 200英畝, 凡爾賽最大的農場之一
  [09:37.88]- See all that over there? - Yeah. 看見那邊了嗎? 看見了
  [09:42.36]Well, that was ours. 那是我們的
  [09:47.32]Pop: S ow h od so m o roa y h co raco m a ros 帕普有一些真正很好的賽馬
  [09:54.68]Big, beautiful female horses. 很大的, 很漂亮的母馬
  [09:56.92]Waveland, Blue Jezebel and Miss Moffett. 瓦維蘭, 布魯. 杰澤爾和莫菲特小姐
  [09:59.16]That’s right. 是的


1 stall tUpzx     
  • She sells fruits at a market stall.她在市場的貨攤上賣水果。
  • He has a stall that sells designer ripoffs.他開了個鋪子賣仿冒設計師品牌衣服。
2 zephyr 3fCwV     
  • I feel very comfortable in the zephyr from the sea.從海上吹來的和風令我非常愜意。
  • Zephyr,the West Wind,blew away the clouds so that Apollo,the sun god,could shine and made this flower bloom.西風之神吹散了云朵,太陽神阿波羅得以照耀它并使它開花。
3 swerving 2985a28465f4fed001065d9efe723271     
v.(使)改變方向,改變目的( swerve的現在分詞 )
  • It may stand as an example of the fitful swerving of his passion. 這是一個例子,說明他的情緒往往變化不定,忽冷忽熱。 來自辭典例句
  • Mrs Merkel would be foolish to placate her base by swerving right. 默克爾夫人如果為了安撫她的根基所在而轉到右翼就太愚蠢了。 來自互聯網
4 ribs 24fc137444401001077773555802b280     
n.肋骨( rib的名詞復數 );(船或屋頂等的)肋拱;肋骨狀的東西;(織物的)凸條花紋
  • He suffered cracked ribs and bruising. 他斷了肋骨還有挫傷。
  • Make a small incision below the ribs. 在肋骨下方切開一個小口。
5 nightmares 13b9bd9b284a28203f096880b3678c13     
n.噩夢( nightmare的名詞復數 );可怕的事情,無法擺脫的恐懼
  • He still has nightmares about the accident. 他仍然做噩夢夢見這場事故。
  • Art thou not afraid of nightmares and hideous dreams?\" 你難道不怕睡魘和兇夢嗎?” 來自英漢文學 - 紅字
6 racing 1ksz3w     
  • I was watching the racing on television last night.昨晚我在電視上看賽馬。
  • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead.兩個賽車手伺機競相領先。
7 grab ef0xd     
  • It is rude to grab a seat.搶占座位是不禮貌的。
  • The thief made a grab at my bag but I pushed him away.賊想搶我的手提包,但被我推開了。
8 underneath VKRz2     
  • Working underneath the car is always a messy job.在汽車底下工作是件臟活。
  • She wore a coat with a dress underneath.她穿著一件大衣,里面套著一條連衣裙。
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