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   [00:08.12]BEN: Appreciate it. Bob. 感謝鮑勃

  [00:09.16]If anything comes up, let me Know. All right. Good night. 如果有什么情況, 就告訴我, 晚安
  [00:14.00]Hey... You’re up kind of late. 嘿, 你今天遲到了
  [00:17.16]I’ve been reading all of Sonya’s records. 我找到了桑婭的一些記錄
  [00:20.16]She won over £200,000 in graded company. 她為公司贏得了200000英鎊
  [00:24.88]OOh, yeah, I Know. 我知道
  [00:26.56]OQualifies her for a lot of stakes races. 她是匹非常了不起的馬
  [00:27.92]I was looking through the conditions book.. 我看了她所有的記錄
  [00:31.48]Well, I’m sure you’ll figure something out. 我想你肯定是有什么計劃
  [00:37.32]I want you to help me. 我想你幫助我
  [00:41.40]I want you to help me train her. 我想你幫我訓練她
  [00:46.72]I see. 我知道了
  [00:49.72]Well, you’d be getting a trainer. 你會成為訓練師
  [00:50.12]What is it I’d be getting? 還要我干嗎呢?
  [00:52.16]1 0%. 10%
  [00:56.28]- Done. - Sign here. 成交.  簽字
  [00:56.36]- 20. - 1 5. 20.  15
  [01:04.00]Straight across. Not too tight. 不要太緊
  [01:08.60]That’s it. There you go. 好的
  [01:11.40]Come on, girl. Come on. 來吧, 孩子
  [01:13.40]Get up. Let’s go. (.Clickks tongue) 起來, 我們走
  [01:19.92]She look... good? 她看起來很棒對嗎?
  [01:22.04]((Hubbub of conversation)
  [01:22.64]- All right, here we go. - Hello. 好的.  喂
  [01:27.04]Hello. 嘿
  [01:28.32]And I’ve scouted1 all of Sonador’s possible races and I’ve pickked one I Know she can win. 我要讓索納多參加比賽, 我知道她能贏
  [01:28.68]I want to thank... everyone for coming. 我要感謝你們
  [01:34.08]LlL: RReally? 真的?
  [01:34.16]- lsn’t that good? - And when is this race? 這難道不好嗎? 什么時候比賽?
  [01:38.12]Saturday, OOcctober 29th. 10月29日, 周六
  [01:40.28]Gotten the best jockkey. 找到了最好的騎手
  [01:42.44]His name is Manolin Vallarta. 他就是曼諾林. 瓦拉塔
  [01:47.08]Wait, I’m Manolin Vallarta. 等等, 我叫曼諾林. 瓦拉塔
  [01:47.48]LlL: Great idea. 不錯的主意
  [01:48.96]You told me you were the greatest jockkey in the world, and I believe you. 你告訴我你是最棒的, 我相信你
  [01:54.76]Thank..you, Cale. Thank..you, but I can’t. I’m not ready. 謝謝, 凱麗, 但是我還沒做好準備
  [01:58.56]I’m... 我是
  [02:00.20]"Fat and I got to slim down." Right, Manny? “太多脂肪了, 我要瘦一點, 對嗎”
  [02:02.40]The 29th of OOcctober is the same day as the Breeders’ Cup Championship, isn’t it? 10月29日也是 “育馬者杯經典大賽” , 對嗎?
  [02:07.40]Biggest day in racing2. 最大的賽事
  [02:08.60]The Breeders’ Cup is, what, eight races worth $1 4 million? “育馬者杯經典大賽” , 值一千四百萬?
  [02:11.28]I don’t think..you want to run in any race on the same day as the Breeders’ Cup. 我不認為你會在那天參加 其他的賽事
  [02:15.44]You’re right. We shouldn’t run in any race the same day as the Breeders’ Cup. 你說的對, 我們不應該在 “育馬者杯經典大賽”的時候去參加 其他賽事
  [02:22.40]That’s why we’re gonna run in... the Breeders’ Cup. 所以, 我們會參加 “育馬者杯經典大賽”
  [02:24.44]- Whoa-ho! - ((Lil laughs) 哦
  [02:27.28]That’s ambitious. 真是有潛力
  [02:30.08]You can’t just show up with your horse at the Breeders’ Cup, honey, and say, 親愛的, “育馬者杯經典大賽” 不適合你
  [02:33.76]"l want to run in the Classic." It doesn’t work.that way. “我想參加經典的比賽”, 但是不是這樣的狀態下
  [02:35.48]Be nice if it did. 如果我們參加, 肯定會取得好結果
  [02:37.96]Do you Know what the selecction process is? 你知道過程嗎?
  [02:40.28]Er, 1 4 horses. 有14匹馬
  [02:43.84]First seven are graded stakes wins, points, I don’t Know. 先要淘汰7匹, 是嗎, 我也不太清楚
  [02:44.48]Last seven are... 最好的7匹
  [02:46.44]No. No, I don’t, really. 不, 我真的不知道
  [02:48.44]The last seven they base on performance during the year. 最好的7匹要根據全年的表現來定勝負
  [02:50.80]But they can make a judgment3 call. 但是會有一個機會
  [02:52.32]I’m going to take a shot. 我會注意的
  [02:54.80]It’s a long shot but... why not Sonador? 其他馬能參加為什么索納多不能?
  [03:00.36]Why not us? 我們為什么不能?
  [03:02.64]BALOON: Well. we’re going to the Breeders’ Cup. 我們要參加 “育馬者杯經典大賽”
  [03:02.68]MANNY: Why not Sonador? That’s right. 為什么索納多不能? 對
  [03:06.28]LlL: Did you really not know how the last horses were chosen? 你知道上次的勝利者是誰嗎?
  [03:08.80]No, I didn’t. Why would l? 我不知道, 我為什么要知道?
  [03:10.16]I never been there. 我從來沒去過
  [03:14.84]But if Sonya does get in, I can tell you there’s gonna be huge fees for a race like that. 但是如果桑婭參加, 我會告訴你們這絕對是個好主意
  [03:18.88]So, you Know, this is a pipe dream. 你知道, 這是一個美麗的夢想
  [03:21.76]RRemember dreams, Ben? 記的你自 己的夢想嗎, 本?
  [03:25.16]Well, this one’s Cale’s. 這是凱麗的夢想
  [03:28.92]- Help her live it. - I want to. Lil. 你要幫助她.  我也想
  [03:30.48]I do. 我會的
  [03:32.92]I’m just saying that this isn’t gonna happen, that’s all, honey. 但是這是不可能實現的
  [03:36.40]So what? So what? 那又怎樣?
  [03:39.56]Just let it take her as far as it can. 盡可能的幫助她
  [03:45.20]All right. 好的
  [03:53.40]Five furlongs in 1 01 and change. 現在已經開始有了些長進
  [03:54.32]- Well, that’s better, but... - She was breezing. Dad. 嗯, 很不錯. 但是… 她在復蘇, 爸爸
  [03:58.72]Don’t worry. 不要擔心
  [04:09.92]CALE: They’re good. They look... good. 看起來不錯
  [04:14.44]- Mmm. - Hey, guys. 嗯.  嘿
  [04:17.72]OOh, wow, you guys got my favourite. 這是我最愛的
  [04:21.88]Balon, where’s mine? 拜倫, 我的在哪里?
  [04:27.04]Yummy. 嗯
  [04:30.16]- This is an orange? - Mm-hm. 這是桔子?  是的
  [04:31.04]Looking for agua? 找什么?
  [04:34.36]It looks like a painted golf ball. 好像高爾夫球那樣硬
  [04:35.92]Manny, run her a little closer to the rail. 曼尼, 讓她更接近圍欄
  [04:39.16]CALE AND BALOON: OOh, no! - Give me another jelly. 哦, 不要.  給我一個
  [04:39.36]The doughnuts are not that good. 那樣會好些
  [04:42.12]Here. 給
  [04:43.12]Backup. 支持點
  [04:45.16]Are we luckky? 我們幸運嗎?
  [04:45.56]OOh. 哦
  [04:48.48]Yes. Come on. 來
  [04:48.88]Good girl. 好女孩
  [04:50.92]Come on, Sonya. 桑婭, 來
  [04:56.24]Cale? 凱麗?
  [04:58.48]I’m up. I’m up. 我起來了
  [05:24.36]But, sir, my horse Rapid Cat is the son of Storm Cat, the best sire in the world. 先生, 我的馬是斯托姆的兒子, 世界上最好的雄性馬
  [05:27.32]He deserves to run in the Breeders’ Cup. 他應該參加 “育馬者杯經典大賽”
  [05:30.28]Mr Sadir Abal, Rapid Cat is 1 88th on the point list. 薩迪爾. 阿巴爾先生, 他有18點
  [05:33.76]We’ve got 1 4 spots. 我們的要求是14點
  [05:36.20]There’s not much hope for RRapid Cat. Next. 這個賽事不適合他
  [05:39.84](.Crowd chatters)
  [05:44.48]Is Mr Cale Crane here? 凱麗 克雷先生在嗎?
  [05:48.04]I’m Cale Crane. 我是凱麗 克雷
  [05:49.28]- Why don’t you stand up? - ((Laughter) 為什么你不站起來?
  [05:55.24]Miss Cale Crane. 凱麗 克雷 小姐
  [05:58.44]Well, miss, your horse Sonador has 20 points and that puts her 1 6th on the list. 小姐, 你的馬索納多有20點
  [06:03.60]Though I see that last year she had 42 points. 雖然我看到去年她有42點
  [06:06.12]Yes, sir. She’d have that many points this year, except she was injured. 是的, 先生, 她去年獲得了很多點, 盡管她還受傷了
  [06:09.16]She was injured? 她受傷了?
  [06:11.60]Well, do you have a vet’s report says she’s sound? 嗯, 你有沒有受傷報告表?
  [06:15.88]Right here, sir. 在這里, 先生
  [06:18.88]Thank..you. 謝謝
  [06:20.84]Now, you Know there are 1 4 horses that get to run. 你知道有14匹馬要參加比賽
  [06:25.16]But to enter this horse in this race. there’s gonna be a fee of $40. 0000. 但是要40000美元的報名費
  [06:25.20]And your horse got a shot. 你的馬雖然不錯
  [06:33.76]Did you bring a cheque? 你帶了支票嗎?
  [06:37.88]I mailed it. 我匯過來
  [06:40.32]- Today. - (More laughter) 今天
  [06:44.12]Let’s just say that the panel determines that Sonador belongs in this race. 雖然這可以讓索納多參加競選
  [06:49.68]Now, there’s another $80,000 in fees that’s gonna be due on OOcctober 26th. 但是如果要出現在10月26日的賽場上, 還需要80000美元
  [06:53.72]You prepared for that? 你準備好了嗎?
  [06:55.12]PALMER:. She’ll mail it to you. 她也會匯給你
  [06:59.32]Y es, sir, I am. 是的, 先生
  [07:01.44]Final selection will be at 1 1 am tomorrow. 最后的結果會在明天宣布
  [07:12.44]- We got a deal? - We got a deal. 我們成功了嗎? 我們會成功的
  [07:13.00]Congratulations. 祝賀你
  [07:22.60]((Lil laughs)
  [07:28.28]My Knight4 in shining armour’s come to rescue me? 我的白馬王子來接我了?
  [07:34.04]Bye. I’m going to take off. I’ll see you tomorrow. 我要走了, 明天見
  [07:34.80]See you later. 明天見
  [07:36.76]Is Cale with Pop? 凱麗和帕普呢?
  [07:38.92]Yeah, they’re going over race strategies. 嗯, 他們在研究策略
  [07:41.00]She going to get in? 她表現如何?
  [07:43.60]Selecction’s in the morning. 明天會決定
  [07:50.68]How did Cale do in front of the committee? 凱麗在會議上表現怎樣?
  [07:52.36]Truth? It was rough. 嗯? 有些艱難
  [07:54.52]She got kickked around pretty good. 她表現的很鎮定
  [07:54.96]- Why are you smiling? - Because she kickked right back. 你為什么笑?  因為她很不錯
  [08:00.08]Yeah, she reminds me of somebody. 嗯, 她讓我想到了一些事情
  [08:02.48]You were right, Lil. 你是對的, 利麗
  [08:06.84]It was great just letting her try. 讓她試試的想法很不錯
  [08:09.88]So you’re saying that I’m smart? 那你說我聰明嗎?
  [08:11.12]I’m saying you’re smart and beautiful. 我說你是個聰明美麗的女人
  [08:16.24]You think.she has a chance of getting in. 你覺得她有機會嗎
  [08:18.40]There’s a chance. 這是一個機會
  [08:18.96]And the entry fees are $1 20,000. 費用是120000美元
  [08:21.12]OOK? 好嗎?
  [08:25.24]Did you hear me? 你聽到了嗎?
  [08:29.40]- Why are you smiling? - I feel like I’m on a date. 你為什么笑? 我感覺回到了和你約會的時候
  [08:45.12]Cale? 凱麗?
  [08:47.44]Time for bed, honey. 該去睡覺了, 寶貝
  [08:50.92]Well, that works a little better than a buckket now, doesn’t it? 現在情況好了很多, 是嗎?
  [08:54.00]((Laughs) Yes. 是的
  [09:01.20]How much will you bet on Sonador to win the Classic? 你覺得索納多參加比賽要 付出多大的代價?
  [09:07.12]Don’t you think.she can win? 她會贏嗎?
  [09:12.84]- Well... - You gotta think.she can win. 嗯.  你覺得她會贏
  [09:13.92]What’s the harm in thinking she can win? 你認為她贏得比賽會受到哪些傷害?
  [09:15.16]Say "l think.she can win." 說“我認為她會贏”
  [09:19.04]I think she can win. 我認為她會贏
  [09:19.16]Good. 很好
  [09:21.16]She needs to hear you say that. 她需要你這樣說
  [09:31.96]I would like to see you run against those boys. 我很想看到你和他們比賽的樣子
  [09:44.08]CHAlRMAN: May I have your attention. please? 我現在準備宣布?
  [09:45.00]As chairman of the Breeders’ Cup, I am proud to announce 參加“育馬者杯經典大賽”的名單
  [09:49.40]the field for the 22nd running of the Breeders’ Cup Classic. 第22屆“育馬者杯經典大賽”
  [09:53.16]We start in alphabetical5 order. 參賽者的名單是
  [10:00.52]AP Flyer. “AP飛翔者”


1 scouted c2ccb9e441a3696747e3f1fa2d26d0d7     
尋找,偵察( scout的過去式和過去分詞 ); 物色(優秀運動員、演員、音樂家等)
  • They scouted around for a shop that was open late. 他們四處尋找,看看還有沒有夜間營業的商店。
  • They scouted around for a beauty parlour. 他們四處尋找美容院。
2 racing 1ksz3w     
  • I was watching the racing on television last night.昨晚我在電視上看賽馬。
  • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead.兩個賽車手伺機競相領先。
3 judgment e3xxC     
  • The chairman flatters himself on his judgment of people.主席自認為他審視人比別人高明。
  • He's a man of excellent judgment.他眼力過人。
4 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予榮譽爵士稱號。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一個騎士騎在裝飾華麗的馬上。
5 alphabetical gfvyY     
  • Please arrange these books in alphabetical order.請把這些書按字母順序整理一下。
  • There is no need to maintain a strict alphabetical sequence.不必保持嚴格的字順。
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