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英語聽力:牛仔褲的夏天 01

時間:2012-01-30 02:17來源:互聯網 提供網友:fei   字體: [ ]

  [00:33.86]i'd like to think that fate had a hand in what happened that summer. 我覺得去年夏天發生的一切 都是命運的安排
[00:38.30]that it was the pants' destiny1 to find us. 那條注定和我們相遇的褲子
[00:40.18]where they came from and why they chose us... 它們來自哪里,又為什么會選擇我們
[00:43.10]...well, that will always be a mystery. 也許永遠都是一個迷
[00:49.06]but perhaps that was part of their miracle. 或許這就是奇跡的一部分
[00:50.86]that they sensed in that moment how much we needed them. 似乎那時它們已經感覺到 我們多么的需要它們
[00:53.14]how much we needed some little bit of faith to hold onto... 我們多么需要繼續下去的信念
[00:57.90]...when it seemed like everything we believed in was about to slip away. 在我們熟知的一切都離我們而去的時候
[01:14.02]but wait a minute, i'm getting ahead of myself. 等等,我有點說過頭了
[01:17.06]beautiful dress! love it. 那裙子真漂亮,我喜歡死了
[01:19.66]we'd been a foursome for as long as i could remember. 我們四個人是從小一起張大的死黨
[01:20.94]-where are we going? -we're going over there. - 我們要去哪里? - 去那邊吧
[01:25.34]in fact, we were a foursome before we were born. 實際上我們在出生前已經是四人小組了
[01:26.02]and seven. anyone feel any kicking? 七,感覺到寶寶在踢你了嗎?
[01:28.62]our mothers met at a prenatal aerobics2 class. 我們的媽媽是在產前訓練班認識的
[01:34.22]they really didn't have anything in common... 實際上,她們沒有任何共同語言
[01:36.98]...except their due dates. 除了她們的產前訓練
[01:38.38]one, and relax. good work. 1,放松.做的好
[01:41.82]the first one out of the gate was bridget. 第一個出生的是Bridget
[01:45.70]ladies, let's keep it together. 姑娘們,一起上
[01:48.90]the rest of us followed within the week. 我們三個在同一周內也降生了
[01:50.26]bridget liked to take charge. Bridgte喜歡迎接挑戰
[01:54.98]way to go, lena. 快下臺吧,Lena
[01:56.74]l'll handle this. 我來搞定
[01:57.54]and you know what? 知道嗎?
[02:01.34]sometimes, that worked in our favor. 有時候,這對我們非常有幫助
[02:03.82]oh, my god. 噢,天啦
[02:09.10]and that's how it always was with us: 我們也不都是這樣開心
[02:12.14]give and take. 有喜有憂
[02:16.02]but mostly give. 我們有許多煩惱
[02:20.82]lena, l don't think he's coming back this time. Lena,我覺得他這次不會回來了
[02:24.30]it's gonna be okay, carmen. 一切都會好起來的,Carmen
[02:25.58]l'll come over first thing tomorrow. 我明天一早就去你那
[02:29.58]and tibby and bridget too. Tibby和Bridget也會一起去
[02:32.46]just stay on the phone with me until you fall asleep. 我會在電話里一直陪著你 直到你睡著
[02:38.70]what were they thinking?, take seven. 他們到底是怎么想的? 第7場
[02:39.78]we were there for each other... 我們互相了解
[02:43.18]...to understand the things that no one else in the world could. 那些其他人都無法了解的東西
[02:46.58]what were they thinking, having another baby at their age? 他們到底是怎么想的, 這把年紀了還想要小孩
[02:48.22]and what was l? 那我算什么?
[02:50.82]just some experiment from their hippie days... 他們嬉皮士生活的實驗品
[02:53.90]...and now it's time to start their real family? 他們現在才要開始正在的生活?
[02:56.78]go ahead. 繼續啊
[02:58.60]lt sucks. 糟透了
[02:59.46]they're out of their minds. 他們都瘋了
[03:03.78]-totally. -cut! - 說的對 - 停
[03:05.54]lena, don't you realize this is tragedy? Lena,你不知道這是悲劇嗎?
[03:05.74]can't you give me a bit more enthusiasm? 你不能帶點感情嗎?
[03:10.38]there were some things we would never make sense of. 有些事情我們永遠也想不明白
[03:14.98]grief is never an easy burden to bear. 悲傷沉重的壓在我們的心頭
[03:17.58]and we were there for those too. 這些我們也必須面對
[03:19.98]and as we mourn the loss of this beloved wife, mother and friend... 我們為失去最愛的妻子, 母親和朋友而哀傷
[03:25.14]...it only makes her choice that much more unfathomable. 這樣只會讓她走的不安心
[03:28.50]what measure of despair compels one to commit such an act? 所以我們要停止悲傷
[03:33.66]we can only take comfort in the fact that she is in a better place now... 另我們感到安慰的是,她得到了解脫
[03:37.66]...than she found here among us. 安息吧
[03:45.50]we were there for the things we couldn't face alone. 我們共同面對那些 我們無法獨自面對的事情
[03:45.70]my deepest sympathies. bridget. 節哀,Bridget
[03:53.34]-hey. -hey, bee, you okay? -嘿 -嘿,寶貝,你還好吧?
[03:57.42]y eah. l will be as soon as l get out of these stupid heels. 是的,脫掉這白癡的高跟鞋就都好了
[03:58.22]here. hold them for me, will you? 給,幫我拿著
[04:00.98]think l'll run home. 我想跑回家
[04:03.90]or the ones we didn't want to face at all. 或者說,我們根本不想面對那些
[04:12.34]together, it was as if we formed one single, complete person. 我們四為一體,一個完美的人
[04:16.22]wild, unstoppable bridget. 狂放不羈的
[04:20.10]shy and beautiful lena. 害羞而美麗的
[04:20.58]tibby, the rebel. 叛逆的
[04:24.10]and me, carmen, the writer. 還有我,她們的作者
[04:26.34]can't buy anything new at a vintage store. 精品店里買不到新東西
[04:28.62]we were 1 6 and had never been apart. and all that was about to change. 過去的16年里,我們出來沒分開過 但是一切都要改變了
[04:30.70]-how about this one? -lt's great. - 這個怎么樣? - 太棒了
[04:34.62]lf you wanna go to greece looking like laverne de fazio. 如果你想去希臘, 長的像
[04:36.58]-who? -'70s tv icon3. - 誰? - 70年代的電視劇偶像
[04:36.98]am l the only one who's not culturally deprived4? 你們都是文盲嗎?
[04:40.46]tibby forgot to take her happy pill this morning. 看來Tibby今天心情很不好
[04:44.18]actually, l'm saving them for when l'm stuck doing time at wallmans... 我在wallmans打工,憋了 一肚子的氣
[04:45.94]...while the rest of you jet off on your little adventures. 那時你們還不知道在哪里逍遙呢
[04:48.42]boo-hoo, tibby. y ou are such a drama queen. 嘿 tibby 你真是舞會皇后
[04:52.10]l am going to south carolina. that is only, like, three states away. 我要去南卡羅來納州, 離我們這只有三個州
[04:54.66]lt's abandonment, nevertheless. l hate you all. 你媽媽不會讓你去的 我恨你們所有的人
[05:00.26]y ou're the one who wanted to stay here all summer... 這個暑假只有你一個人想一直呆在這


1 destiny vvIxu     
  • Nobody knows his own destiny.沒有人知道自己的命運。
  • It was her destiny to become famous.她命里注定出名。
2 aerobics Bznzhw     
  • Doing aerobics is a good way to improve one's health.做有氧健身操是改善健康狀況的一個好方法。
  • Aren't you going to the aerobics class this morning?今天上午你不是去上有氧運動課嗎?
3 icon JbxxB     
  • They found an icon in the monastery.他們在修道院中發現了一個圣像。
  • Click on this icon to align or justify text.點擊這個圖標使文本排齊。
4 deprived deprived     
adj. 缺乏足夠教育的;缺少食物的
  • the stunted lives of children deprived of education 未受教育的孩子所過的局限生活
  • They deprived the criminal of political rights for all his life. 他們剝奪那罪犯的終身政治權利。
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