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英語聽力:牛仔褲的夏天 04

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  [00:15.50]that's it. 我們來賽跑
[00:17.18]seven miles. 7英里
[00:19.62]oh, god, don't you love to run? 哦,你喜歡跑步嗎?
[00:21.82]y eah. 是的
[00:24.90]lt's the best high there is. 這個感覺最好了
[00:26.90]lt's like you're just in this place where nothing bad could ever happen, you know? 就好象你在天堂一樣 什么壞事也不會發生
[00:27.18]exactly, it's-- 確切得說..
[00:33.46]like if you just push a bit further, if you just keep moving-- 就好象只要你在走遠一些 在繼續前進
[00:35.22]nothing can touch you. 什么也不能阻止你
[00:39.90]of course, the endorphins don't suck, either. 當然腦內啡(腦分泌的的氨基酸) 也不能
[00:48.58]-so tami's feeling okay? -y eah. - tami還好嗎? - 是的
[00:50.46]ls she gonna do baton1 twirling with you? 她會和你一起舞禮儀杖嗎?
[00:52.46]we don't know yet. she might just have to hold the banner. 還不能確定, 或許她會舉旗幟吧
[00:55.50]sweetheart, why don't we say grace before we start eating dinner? 親愛得,我們就餐前我們來禱告怎么樣?
[00:58.58]-l would love to. -all right. - 我很樂意 - 來吧
[01:04.86]bless us, o lord, for these, thy gifts which we are about to receive... 萬能得主,感謝你賜予我們的禮物..
[01:07.94]...from thy bounty2, through christ, our lord. ....感謝你的感慨,我萬能的主
[01:09.22]-amen. dig in. -this looks great. - 阿門,開動吧 - 看起來真好吃
[01:13.70]-l will get that. -oh, it's okay. - 我去接電話 - 噢,不用
[01:16.38]we don't answer the phone during dinner. 我們吃飯的時候不接電話
[01:18.22]except that one time. tell us again how you guys met. 有一次列外,跟我們說說 你們是怎么認識的
[01:21.54]we've told that story so many-- 我們已經說過很多遍了..
[01:24.82]-want me to? -all right. -  要我說嗎? - 好吧
[01:24.94]-y ou wanna tell it? -l don't. - 你想說嗎? - 不想
[01:27.66]-l dialed the wrong number. -and l answered. - 我撥錯了電話號碼 - 我接了電話
[01:27.90]-lydia answered. -during dinner. - lydia 接了電話 - 吃飯的時候
[01:29.62]just that one time. 就那么依次
[01:33.42]and lydia agreed to go out with a stranger. lydia竟然答應和一個陌生人約會
[01:36.98]-ls that not what happened? -oh, no, come on. no, l did not. - 事實不就是這樣的嗎? - 拜托,我沒有那樣
[01:40.14]-that is exactly what happened! -we went bowling3. lt was so much fun. - 事實就是這樣的! - 我們一起去打了保齡球,玩的很開心
[01:41.74]-do you remember you bowled a two? -a two is a bad score. - 你記得嗎,你只打倒了兩個瓶子 - 對啊,我打的很糟
[01:45.54]at least l didn't get the ball stuck on my thumb. 至少我把球甩出去了
[01:49.14]the water in the toilet is blue. 廁所里的水是藍色的
[01:51.10]and by the way, doesn't dad hate bowling? 還有,爸爸不是討厭保齡球嗎?
[01:51.30]-blue? -y es, mom, blue. - 藍色的? - 是的 媽媽 藍色的
[01:52.60]-bowling? -well, he's down here bowling. - 保齡球? - 他在這可愛打保齡球了
[01:56.06]-and he says grace. -grace? - 他還做了餐前祈禱 - 祈禱?
[01:59.06]he says grace, mom. he gives thanks to god before he eats. 他做了感恩祈禱,媽媽 餐前祈禱
[02:01.42]we couldn't get him to go to church with us once. who is this guy? 他以前死活也不肯和我們去一次 教堂,這個人還是我爸爸嗎?
[02:06.42]-i don't even-- -y ou need to talk to him, carmen. - 我甚至沒有... - 你得和他談談,carmen
[02:07.02]-just tell him how you feel. -l do talk to him. l talk to him all the time. - 告訴他你的感受 - 我和他談了,我一直都在和他交談
[02:12.54]y eah, like you talk to me? no. 就像你和我談話一樣嗎?不
[02:13.66]this is important, carmencita. what he did was wrong. carmen,問題在于,他作錯了
[02:18.02]l'm gonna get on a plane and l'm just gonna come down there. 我得馬上去那,我這就去乘飛機
[02:21.14]look, you'd never want him to be happy, and that's why you blame him. 不,你不希望看到他幸福, 這就是你一直責備他的原因
[02:25.62]and this is gonna work out great. lt's going to be fine. 沒關系,我自己會處理好的
[02:41.22]dear tibby... 親愛的 tibby...
[02:41.62]...i think we may have been very, very wrong about the pants. ...我覺得,我們認為那條牛仔褲 會給我們帶來好運,真是個錯誤
[02:48.14]the one time i wore them i almost drowned... 我穿著他的時候,差點淹死了..
[02:48.94]...and then got plucked onto a fishing boat... ...然后跟落湯雞一樣在一艘魚船上...
[02:53.10]...by a guy who made me touch a live fish. it was disgusting! ...被一個男子逼著摸一條活魚, 真是惡心死了
[02:57.82]at least i'm getting some good sketching4 in. 至少,我還畫了些素描
[03:02.90]i love everything about this island. 我愛這個島上的一切
[03:05.66]oh, except that you're not with me. 可惜你不在我身邊
[03:07.42]infinite X's and o's, lena. 愛你的,lena
[03:29.14]-how was town? -fine. - 這個鎮子怎么樣? - 很不錯
[03:30.82]l have found this in the laundry. 我洗衣服的時候,發現了這個
[03:31.60]ls it yours? 這是你的嗎?
[03:33.58]no, actually... 不,不是...
[03:39.02]...l sort of borrowed it. ...這是我借的
[03:41.26]when l went down to the harbor, l went swimming... 我去了港口,在那里游泳的時候..
[03:44.82]...and someone just lent it to me. ....某個人借給我的
[03:44.90]oh, someone. someone who? 某個人,某個人是誰?
[03:47.70]a boy? 男孩嗎?
[03:50.98]which one? l know everyone. 哪個?我認識所有的人
[03:56.46]don't mind them, they're your cousins. 別管她們,她們都是你的表親
[04:01.34]they're cousins too? how many do l have? 她們也是我的表親? 我有多少表親呢?
[04:04.02]plenty of them. don't change the subject. 很多很多. 別轉移話題
[04:06.70]out with it. out, out. 出去,出去,出去
[04:11.94]his name is kostas dounas. 他叫 kostas dounas
[04:16.10]dounas? 是 dounas
[04:18.02]he's a dounas? 他是 dounas家的人?
[04:22.86]y ou must never speak of them. 永遠不準你提起他們
[04:25.38]they are liars5! they are thieves! they are barbarians6! 他們是騙子,小偷,是野蠻人
[04:39.18]y our grandfather would die if he know about this. 你爺爺要是知道了這個 會氣死的!
[04:41.74]y ou must never see this boy again. 你永遠不準再去見他
[04:46.46]y ou understand? 你明白了嗎?
[04:48.46]-y es. -no, that's not enough. - 是的 - 不,這樣不夠
[04:53.70]y ou have to swear. 你得發誓
[04:53.90]l swear. 我發誓
[04:58.18]okay. 好的


1 baton 5Quyw     
  • With the baton the conductor was beating time.樂隊指揮用指揮棒打拍子。
  • The conductor waved his baton,and the band started up.指揮揮動指揮棒,樂隊開始演奏起來。
2 bounty EtQzZ     
  • He is famous for his bounty to the poor.他因對窮人慷慨相助而出名。
  • We received a bounty from the government.我們收到政府給予的一筆補助金。
3 bowling cxjzeN     
  • Bowling is a popular sport with young and old.保齡球是老少都愛的運動。
  • Which sport do you 1ike most,golf or bowling?你最喜歡什么運動,高爾夫還是保齡球?
4 sketching 2df579f3d044331e74dce85d6a365dd7     
  • They are sketching out proposals for a new road. 他們正在草擬修建新路的計劃。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • "Imagination is busy sketching rose-tinted pictures of joy. “飛舞馳騁的想象描繪出一幅幅玫瑰色歡樂的場景。 來自英漢文學 - 湯姆歷險
5 liars ba6a2311efe2dc9a6d844c9711cd0fff     
說謊者( liar的名詞復數 )
  • The greatest liars talk most of themselves. 最愛自吹自擂的人是最大的說謊者。
  • Honest boys despise lies and liars. 誠實的孩子鄙視謊言和說謊者。
6 barbarians c52160827c97a5d2143268a1299b1903     
n.野蠻人( barbarian的名詞復數 );外國人;粗野的人;無教養的人
  • The ancient city of Rome fell under the iron hooves of the barbarians. 古羅馬城在蠻族的鐵蹄下淪陷了。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • It conquered its conquerors, the barbarians. 它戰勝了征服者——蠻族。 來自英漢非文學 - 歷史
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