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英語聽力:牛仔褲的夏天 10

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  [00:06.18]What? 什么?
[00:07.94]Nothing. 沒什么.
[00:15.82]Bridget just lights everything up. She makes everything more fun. Bridget 能夠振奮人心.她的生活充滿了樂趣
[00:21.58]And carmen is brilliant, but she doesn't know it. 還有Carmen很聰明,只是她自己沒有意識到
[00:25.34]And tibby... 還有Tibby...
[00:29.22]well, tibby kind of marches to her own drum. 呃,有她自己的世界
[00:30.34]I'm kind of jealous1 of her. 我有點嫉妒她
[00:33.98]Why? 為什么?
[00:38.38]Well, because she knows who she is. 恩,因為她自己是誰
[00:42.34]Don't you? 難道你不是嗎?
[00:43.26]I don't know. 我不知道
[00:44.62]I think I know who I wanna be. 我想我知道我想成為什么樣的人
[00:49.70]What you were saying the other day, about me being afraid? 你想知道我前幾天為什么害怕嗎?
[00:54.30]Well, it's hard to explain. 這個很難解釋
[01:04.26]All my life, everybody's always... 我周圍的人總是...
[01:06.02]...kind of seen me a certain way. ...用有色眼光看待我
[01:11.90]And I didn't... I don't... 但是我并不是...不是...
[01:13.98]- no, it's all right, I understand. - Do you? - 沒關系,你不用說,我明白 - 真的?
[01:18.42]Y eah. 是的
[01:21.14]Some people show off their beauty... 有些人想要展示他們的美麗
[01:24.70]...because they want the world to see it. ...因為他們想讓別人看到他們的美麗
[01:27.50]Others try to hide their beauty... 有些人卻努力隱藏他們的美麗...
[01:31.58]...because they want the world to see something else. ...因為他們想讓別人看到他們有的不只是美麗的外表
[01:36.02]And what do you see? 那么你看到了什么?
[01:44.86]Everything. 所有的一切
[02:16.78]Dear bridget... 親愛的Bridget...
[02:18.10]...i guess i was kidding myself to think that when the pants arrived... ...我以為褲子寄來后,它會讓一切都好起來...
[02:19.86]...they were gonna make everything better. ...我真是白日做夢
[02:25.06]I mean, i don't blame them for what happened, but... 我并是想對于發生的事情責備它什么,但是...
[02:26.82]anyway, i do hope that they bring you better luck than they did me. 無論任何,我都希望它能給你帶來好運,至少要比帶給我的好
[02:30.58]And even more than that, bee, may they bring you good sense. 還有就是,希望它能給你帶去好心情
[02:35.98]...but trust me, from recent experience... ...但請相信我,就我經驗來說
[02:36.10]I know it sounds boring... 我知道這些話很無聊
[02:40.26]...a little common sense, it's not such a bad thing, bee. ...不要對它有什么幻想是比較好的
[02:41.82]Wear them well. Iove you, carmen. 好好穿著它吧.愛你的Carmen
[02:49.10]Y our dad called. 你爸爸剛剛打電話過來
[02:51.78]He wanted to make sure you got home okay. 他想看看你是不是安全到家了
[02:57.62]I'm so sorry, baby. I knew this would happen. 對不起,寶貝,我早該知道會這樣.
[03:01.02]Mom, please. 媽媽別說了
[03:03.14]Now you know why I was so afraid of you going there. 現在你明白我為什么那么害怕讓你去那里了
[03:06.98]- I don't want to say I told you so, but... - then don't. - 我不想說我早警告過你,但是.... - 他們沒有怎么樣
[03:39.42]- Morning. - Don't you ever sleep? - 早上好 - 你不是沒睡覺吧?
[03:42.46]- What for? - This just came for you. - 怎么了? - 你的包裹剛剛才到
[03:44.98]Oh, my god, they're finally here. 噢,天啊,它終于寄到了.
[03:47.42]What's here? 是什么東西
[03:49.90]Do you guys realize what this means2? 你們知道這有什么意義嗎?
[03:52.94]- That you're hugging a pair of jeans? - These aren't just jeans. - 你抱著條牛仔褲干什么 - 它不是單純的牛仔褲.
[03:55.38]They make things happen. 它有魔力
[04:03.26]Sweet. 很不錯
[04:05.14]I felt like I was living in some freak show known3 as "the land of the blonds4." 我覺得我就像生活在一個叫做"金發人領地"的變態真人秀里面一樣
[04:09.30]- I'm sure it wasn't that bad. - It was. It was horrible5. - 我覺得沒有你說的那么差 - 不,一切都糟透了
[04:12.66]Okay, paul, he doesn't talk. He didn't say a word. Paul,他都不說話,一聲不吭
[04:18.14]And krista, she's this perky little... 還有Krista,她是個得意洋洋的小...
[04:22.22]And her and her mom, they're like sunshine twins on uppers... 她和她的媽媽就像上流社會的閃亮雙胞胎...
[04:22.86]...nightmare6. ...她是個噩夢
[04:27.34]...except when, god forbid, something happened with the wedding plans. ...除非是上帝,誰也阻止他們
[04:32.10]Because, tibby, I don't think there was a single conversation... Tibby,他們無時不刻都在談論婚禮的事
[04:33.86]...that didn't revolve7 around flowers, or hors d'oeuvres menus... ...他們的談話總是里不開,花束,開胃小菜的菜單
[04:38.82]...or guest lists, or tablecloths8 or... ...或者賓客的名單,桌布,所有的...
[04:40.54]I'm sure they were just excited. 我想他們只是太興奮了
[04:44.42]No, tib, can you pretend9 to be on my side? 不, Tib, 你可不可以假裝站在我這邊一下?
[04:48.46]It's not about sides, car. 這不是站在哪邊的問題 Car
[04:49.78]There are worse things than your dad getting married. 比你爸爸結婚更糟的事有的是
[04:54.14]Sure, he probably could have handled it better... 當然,他本可以處理的更好...
[04:57.74]tibby, he didn't handle it at all. Tibby,他根本什么都沒做
[04:58.82]- Tell him that. - Why should I have to? - 那你應該告訴他你的想法 - 為什么是我


1 jealous 7abz6     
  • He was jealous when he discovered that she loved someone else.當他發現她愛別人的時候,他吃醋了。
  • An honorable Chinese citizen should be jealous of his own rights.一名光榮的中國公民應當珍惜自己的公民權利。
2 means 9oXzBX     
  • That man used artful means to find out secrets.那人使用狡猾的手段獲取機密。
  • We must get it done by some means or other.我們總得想辦法把它干完。
3 known hpKzdc     
  • He is a known artist.他是一個知名的藝術家。
  • He is known both as a painter and as a statesman.他是知名的畫家及政治家。
4 blonds 584da814f5a7f5a34e33ea176e2058fc     
n.膚色白皙的金發女人( blond的名詞復數 )
  • Of course, real life blonds don't fit neatly into this taxonomy. 當然現實生活中女人的金發很難完全符合這些類型。 來自互聯網
  • The shop keeper says 'no i don't serve blonds. 店主看了女郎一眼說:“對不起,我不為金發女郎提供服務。” 來自互聯網
5 horrible drazZt     
  • This is a horrible monster.這是一個可怕的怪物。
  • That is a horrible accident.那是一次可怕的事故。
6 nightmare 8GvxM     
  • I was glad to awake from such a nightmare.我慶幸終于從噩夢中醒來了。
  • I had a nightmare last nightand,lost sleep.昨夜我作了個惡夢,失眠了。
7 revolve NBBzX     
  • The planets revolve around the sun.行星繞著太陽運轉。
  • The wheels began to revolve slowly.車輪開始慢慢轉動。
8 tablecloths abb41060c43ebc073d86c1c49f8fb98f     
n.桌布,臺布( tablecloth的名詞復數 )
  • Champagne corks popped, and on lace tablecloths seven-course dinners were laid. 桌上鋪著帶裝飾圖案的網織的桌布,上面是七道菜的晚餐。 來自飄(部分)
  • At the moment the cause of her concern was a pile of soiled tablecloths. 此刻她關心的事是一堆弄臟了的臺布。 來自辭典例句
9 pretend 2Q4xj     
  • So you don't need to pretend,do you?所以你不必裝假了,對吧?
  • Many people pretend that they understand modern art.許多人裝著自己懂得現代藝術。
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