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   [00:53.24]Hi. 你好

  [00:55.40]Hi. 你好
  [00:56.72]My name is Kent. What’s your name? 我叫Kent 你叫什么名字?
  [00:59.16]Daphne. Daphne
  [00:60.16]Daphne. Beautiful name. Daphne 很棒的名字
  [01:01.64]It sounds like the name of a flower. 像一朵花的名字
  [01:04.16]Obviously I know that it’s not a flower, but it sounds a little bit. 雖然我知道那不是 但聽起來挺像的
  [01:08.40]I like the flowers. 我很喜歡花
  [01:10.32]Smelling them, stuff like that. Sending them to people. 聞聞花香什么的 也喜歡送人
  [01:17.96]Where are you from? 你是哪里人?
  [01:19.96]Connecticut. 康涅狄格州
  [01:20.96]Really? I am a big fan of Connecticut. 真的嗎? 我很喜歡那里
  [01:22.72]I’m a big ... Who isn’t, right? You’re close up to the city... 我很喜歡... 誰不喜歡呢 是吧? 你離城市很近...
  [01:25.72]and you can really enjoy it. 也就可以好好享受
  [01:27.72]But also it has a small town feel. 但它也有種小鎮風情
  [01:30.12]- Did you go to school up there?  - Yeah. I did. I went to Wesslam. - 你在那上學嗎?  - 對 我在Wesslam學校上學
  [01:34.36]- What’s your major?  - Psychology1. - 你是什么專業的?  - 心理學
  [01:37.28]It’s great. 不錯
  [01:38.44]Those are really beautiful earrings2, by the way. 順便說一下 你的耳環很好看
  [01:41.04]They do a nice job complementing3... 它們很好的補足了...
  [01:42.92]I’m gotta stop you right there. 我得打斷你了
  [01:44.52]Because on paper you’ve done everything right. 因為理論上你做的都對
  [01:47.32]You took an interest in my personal history. 對我的生活很有興趣
  [01:49.56]You’ve complemented4 my accessories. 也稱贊了我的配飾
  [01:51.96]Blah, blah, blah. 等等 等等 等等
  [01:54.96]If we’d met in college, our relationship propably would’ve developed. 如果我們大學時候就認識的話 關系還有可能發展
  [01:58.36]Which I’d come to regret. Because I’d find out... 不過八成我會后悔 因為我發現...
  [02:00.60]that you’re just as boring in the bedroom... 剛剛這么惡心的對話
  [02:03.12]as you’ve been during this god awful conversation. 就像你在房里的時候一樣讓人提不起興趣...
  [02:09.04]you’d be on the top of my list. 你是個不二人選
  [02:10.44]We’d just I-chat all night long. LOL. Tickles5. 我們徹夜聊天 開心的大笑
  [02:14.44]But unfortunately, that’s not what I’m looking for. 但很可惜 那不是我想要的
  [02:17.32]I want a man whose hand doesn’t shake... 我想要的男人是當他給我脫衣服的時候...
  [02:19.40]when he puts it up my shirt. You know what I’m saying? 手不會發抖的 你懂嗎?
  [02:22.96]Okay. Daphne, if I could just... 好的 Daphne 如果我可以...
  [02:24.84]Save it, Kent. I’m not looking for a BFF. 省省吧 Kent 我可不是要找好朋友
  [02:27.48]Daphne, please. Daphne 拜托
  [02:30.12]Bitch, I’m talking to you! 賤人 我在跟你說話呢!
  [02:36.88]You sure can talk the talk, you crazy little slut. 我們當然可以繼續聊 你這個臭婊子
  [02:39.76]But, can you deliver the goodies? 但是 你能信守承諾嗎?
  [02:42.64]I don’t give a damn about Connecticut. 我才不在乎什么康涅狄格州
  [02:45.44]I hate those cheap buildings. 我恨死那些廉價房了
  [02:47.64]I’m from North Dakota and this is how we handle our business... 我是北達科他州人 依照我們的習俗
  [02:51.32]in the vice6 and state, mamma. 就是這樣解決問題的... 小姐
  [02:54.80]Get your hands off me right now. 立刻放開我
  [02:56.36]Or I’ll take you to your knees in this bar. 不然我現在就讓你站不起來
  [02:58.84]Promise? 確定?
  [03:16.76]Hold on, angel crossing! Angel crossing! 等等 天使來了! 天使來了!
  [03:19.44]Get on it. Here we come. Watch out! 上車吧 來了 小心!
  [03:43.72]So, this is where you live? 你就住這嗎?
  [03:55.32]What do you think about Daphne? 你覺得Daphne怎么樣?
  [03:58.20]- I really liked Daphne.  - You did? - 我真的很喜歡Daphne  - 真的?
  [03:60.08]- Yeah.  - Definitely naughty. - 是  - 可是顯然她很野蠻
  [04:01.56]She’s a lot naughty, but in the fun way. 她是很野蠻 但是是種可愛的野蠻
  [04:04.40]What about Kent? Did you like him? Kent怎么樣? 你喜歡他嗎?
  [04:05.84]- Kent was hot.  - Really? - Kent很性感  - 真的?
  [04:07.24]I like those glasses, have a nice touch. 我喜歡他的眼鏡 觸感很好
  [04:09.12]You wanna try to fill on the whole great planes vibe? 你想不想全面的感受一下呢?
  [04:11.44]But he was an angry cowboy who drives a van. 不過他可是個暴脾氣
  [04:13.84]- Hot.  - But also has ninja equipment... - 很棒  - 他的公寓里還有...
  [04:15.72]back in his apartment. A lot’s happening. 很多忍者裝備 出奇的多
  [04:18.12]- You know what I mean?  - Yeah. - 你知道我的意思吧?  - 知道
  [04:19.40]Like a transformer. 像個變形金剛
  [04:20.48]- I’d like to meet Kent again.  - Yeah, come here. - 我想再見一次Kent  - 好啊 來吧
  [04:24.28]Toothpaste and all. 牙膏等等的一切
  [04:26.56]- I love you, Kate.  - I love you Brad. - 我愛你 Kate  - 我愛你 Brad
  [04:28.16]You are the best girl in the whole world. 你是全世界最好的女人
  [04:59.52]Let’s get this off of you. 把鞋脫了
  [05:01.80]That was fun. 挺好玩的
  [05:03.20]- That feels good.  - It’s the acupressure. - 很舒服  - 這叫指壓療法
  [05:05.48]- Really?  - No, I just like to rub it. - 真的?  - 不是 我只是想揉而已
  [05:07.80]This stuff is connected to all different stuffs inside your tummy. 這個穴位是跟五臟六腑相連的
  [05:10.80]- I know that.  - But push the wrong thing... - 我知道  - 但是一旦按錯位置...
  [05:12.36]- Know what that’s for?  - Until later. - 知道這是干嘛用的嗎?  - 一會再說
  [05:14.48]Okay. 好
  [05:16.32]When’s the big day? 什么時候結婚?
  [05:18.72]I’m sorry? 什么?
  [05:19.72]We’re getting married in the spring in South Carolina. 我們春天會在南卡羅來納州結婚
  [05:22.88]- Yeah, what about you guys?  - We’re not getting married. - 對 你們呢?  - 我們還沒打算結婚
  [05:26.88]So, why do you take the dance classes? 那你們為什么來上舞蹈課?
  [05:29.04]We do a lot of stuff together. I should think of many things we do together. 我們一起做很多事情 這是其中之一
  [05:31.64]Yeah, it’s fun. 對 很好玩
  [05:32.92]Can’t think of what we don’t do together. 沒什么是我們不能一起做的
  [05:35.32]Great, so why you don’t wanna get married? 正好 那你們為什么不想結婚?
  [05:37.64]Well, we are happy. 我們過得很開心
  [05:38.92]- We’re happy.  - Yeah. - 很幸福  - 對
  [05:40.20]And I love her. So you know marriage just kind of brings pressure... 我愛她 但結婚的話
  [05:42.36]and stress and all kinds of stuff. 會帶來很多壓力 緊張 還有各種問題
  [05:43.80]We don’t want our relationship turn into work. 不希望我們的感情變成一種工作
  [05:46.08]We’re together because we enjoy it. 我們因為開心才在一起
  [05:48.08]Not because we have to. 不是為了在一起而在一起
  [05:49.56]There’s a reason that they use the expressions: 他們這樣說是有原因的:
  [05:52.32]"Tying the knot" or "Ball and chain". "結婚" 或是 "老婆"
  [05:54.60]Have you listened to the words of a ceremony? 你們聽過婚禮上的誓言嗎?
  [05:56.48]Like: "I promise to obey." or "Till death do us part." 像是: "我發誓遵從" 還有 "至死不渝"
  [05:59.60]I’d rather be like stuck on an island... 我就像是困在孤島上...
  [06:01.88]with some weird7 millionaire trying to kill me... 還有些變態的富豪要殺我...
  [06:04.48]and me trying to escape than be... 而我想方設法逃跑...
  [06:06.44]in something with those kind of slogans. That’s a time bomb they do to explode. 諸如此類 就像是他們準備引爆的定時炸彈
  [06:09.40]So, what about children? You do want to make them, no? 那孩子呢? 你們也不想要孩子嗎?
  [06:12.48]- No, no.  - No. - 不 不  - 不想
  [06:13.52]I don’t wanna make them. 我不想要孩子
  [06:17.80]I just don’t want to, like be responsible for this kids... 我只是不想對孩子負責...
  [06:20.96]and hurt their feelings and disappoint them. 傷了他們的心 然后又讓他們失望
  [06:22.72]Yeah, that’s what happens in our families. 對 我們家就是這樣
  [06:24.36]We’re both from divorced families. 我們的父母都離異了
  [06:26.40]We’ve seen it clear up. We don’t need to repeat the pattern. 我們都是過來人 不能重蹈覆轍
  [06:29.28]But anyway, congratulations on getting married. 但無論如何 恭喜你們要結婚了
  [06:34.28]Yeah, absolutely. 沒錯 絕對是喜事
  [06:35.36]- Merry Christmas.  - Merry Christmas! - 圣誕快樂  - 圣誕快樂!
  [06:37.36]Bye-bye. 再見
  [07:03.40]- Big-bad Brad!  - Hi! - 大塊頭Brad!  - 嗨!
  [07:04.60]- How are you?  - Look at this. How are you? - 你好嗎?  - 看看這是誰啊 你好啊?
  [07:08.64]- How are you? Good to see you.  - Hi. - 你好 很開心見到你  - 你好
  [07:10.64]What are you guys doing for Christmas? 你們圣誕節打算做什么?
  [07:12.92]We got the entire family flying in. 我們全家都飛來飛去
  [07:15.80]13 airport pick-ups. 要在13個機場起起落落
  [07:18.04]4 days of listening to how gifted my nieces are. 聽了4天我侄女有多么的有才
  [07:22.36]My brother thinks his daughter, the four year old... 我弟弟認為他女兒 那個四歲大的女孩...
  [07:25.68]is gonna be the next Beyonce. 就要成為下一個Beyonce了
  [07:31.52]She is bad and she sucks. 其實她很垃圾
  [07:35.52]I’m vacationing in tropical Albany this year... 我今年打算跟Tricia的家人一起
  [07:38.12]with Tricia’s family. 去熱帶的奧爾巴尼度假...
  [07:39.48]They got us a cot, which is awesome8. 他們給我們帶了很棒的吊床
  [07:41.64]We’ll probably end up sleeping... 最后很可能是...
  [07:43.16]on the couch in the basement with cats. 我們跟七只貓咪一起
  [07:45.44]All seven of them. 在地下室的沙發上睡覺
  [07:46.52]We’ll get to be there the whole week. 我們要去七天
  [07:49.52]Kinda sounds like a prison sentence. 聽起來像在監獄受刑一樣
  [07:51.44]Why do you guys put yourselves through that? 你們為什么要這樣折磨自己?
  [07:53.48]It’s Christmas, right? Don’t you have to? 圣誕節 不是嗎? 你們不用這樣嗎?
  [07:55.96]We don’t need to do it any more. 我們再也不用這樣了
  [07:57.48]We don’t. We actually don’t do it. 我們不想 真的不想這樣
  [07:59.24]- We’re done.  - Why, what are you doing? - 苦難結束了  - 為什么 那你們打算做什么?
  [08:01.48]- We’re going to Fiji. Just two of us.  - Yeah. - 我們會去斐濟 就我們倆  - 沒錯
  [08:03.44]Fiji? 斐濟?
  [08:04.44]Yeah. 對
  [08:05.44]Don’t your families get upset? 你們的家人不難過嗎?
  [08:07.40]Not if you’re doing charity work. 如果你是去做善事就不會啦
  [08:09.72]You know something like building houses in third world countries. 像是在第三世界國家蓋房啊
  [08:12.48]Teaching English in Puerto Rico. 在波多黎各教英語啊
  [08:14.88]Helping orphans9 in Somalia. 在索馬里救助孤兒啊
  [08:16.88]Helping Chinese kids capture lobsters10. 幫中國孩子抓龍蝦啊
  [08:20.92]Boil them, cut them, clean the weird stuff out. 煮熟 切好 把臟東西弄干凈
  [08:23.52]We find it that the more details you give... 我們發現說得越詳細...
  [08:26.08]kinda throws them off the set. 越好擺脫他們
  [08:28.32]You lie to your families at Christmas time? 你在圣誕節對家人撒謊?
  [08:31.08]You really can’t do it without lies. 我也是迫不得已啊
  [08:33.96]Try it. 試試吧
  [08:36.52]But don’t you ever feel guilty? 但你不會有罪惡感嗎?
  [08:38.32]For taking a vacation on our vacation? 因為放假的時候出去度假而負罪嗎?
  [08:40.60]No, not really. 沒有 真的沒有
  [08:41.72]- You do look sexy with a tan.  - Thanks, babe. - 你那小麥色的皮膚真性感  - 謝謝 寶貝
  [08:45.48]You could take this one. This one here. 你可以拿這個 這里這個
  [08:48.36]- Like that.  - Yeah, that’s a good idea. - 像這樣  - 是 確實是
  [08:53.52]By the way I made a couple’s massage11 for us this weekend. 順便說一下 我這個周末訂了個情侶推拿服務
  [08:56.32]- You did? It’s great.  - Yeah. - 真的? 太好了  - 是的
  [08:60.08]I’d check us in online after this. 弄完這個我上網確認一下
  [09:02.36]I did it. 我確認過了
  [09:03.48]You checked us in already? You’re the best, sweetheart. 你確認過了? 你真是太棒了 甜心
  [09:05.96]I picked up a pair of noise-canceling headphones as you wanted. 如果你愿意 我帶上消音耳機
  [09:08.84]- You did not.  - For the next time. - 你沒帶  - 下次再帶
  [09:10.96]- Oh my God.  - I’m excited. - 天啊  - 我很興奮
  [09:13.40]We should probably sign up for the scuba12 boat as soon as we get there... 等我們到了那 應該馬上租個潛艇...
  [09:16.48]Because I heard it fills up really quick. 因為我聽說那裝水裝很快
  [09:22.04]The scuba diving, we did that in Bali and Costa Rica. 潛水啊 我們在巴厘島跟哥斯達黎加都潛過
  [09:25.76]Yeah, but this is Fiji. We’ve never been to Fiji. 是 但現在是斐濟 我們從來沒去過斐濟
  [09:30.04]Sounds like that’s a whole different island. The resort is beautiful. 就像是完全不同的小島 度假村也很漂亮
  [09:32.92]And the scuba diving is gonna be totally different. 在這潛水也會是全新的體驗
  [09:35.68]It’s different water and different fish. 不同的水和魚
  [09:37.56]It’s gonna be really good. I’m excited. 一定很棒 我很興奮
  [09:39.84]- It’ll be amazing.  - Are you excited? - 這會很棒的  - 你興奮嗎?
  [09:41.84]- I am. I’m really excited.  - I’m excited. - 當然 興奮的不得了  - 我好激動
  [09:47.40]- I love you.  - I love you too. - 我愛你  - 我也愛你


1 psychology U0Wze     
  • She has a background in child psychology.她受過兒童心理學的教育。
  • He studied philosophy and psychology at Cambridge.他在劍橋大學學習哲學和心理學。
2 earrings 9ukzSs     
n.耳環( earring的名詞復數 );耳墜子
  • a pair of earrings 一對耳環
  • These earrings snap on with special fastener. 這付耳環是用特制的按扣扣上去的。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
3 complementing fe2da3ba35c87761139744afaf175986     
補足,補充( complement的現在分詞 ); 求反
  • Maligrant segregants may, therefore, arise when complementing chromosomes are lost. 因此當互補染色體丟失時,就會產生惡性分離子。
  • A complementing circuIt'selects either the subtracter output or the output of the complementing circuit. 取補線路可任意選通減法器的輸出或補取線路的輸出。
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  • In vitro analysis must be complemented by studies of the virus replication cycle in plants. 體外的分析必須輔之以植物體內病毒復制周期的研究。
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9 orphans edf841312acedba480123c467e505b2a     
孤兒( orphan的名詞復數 )
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龍蝦( lobster的名詞復數 ); 龍蝦肉
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  • She sold me a couple of live lobsters. 她賣了幾只活龍蝦給我。
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  • While on honeymoon in Bali,she learned to scuba dive.她在巴厘島度蜜月時學會了帶水肺潛水。
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