[01:18.14]Would you look at that. 噢,快瞧啊

  [01:18.34]The tiger actually did it. There’s Half Peak. 老虎沒帶錯路,這是“半峰山”
  [01:22.02]Next stop, Glacier Pass. 下一站,冰川道
  [01:25.30]- How could I ever have doubted you? - Did you hear that, little fella? - 我真不該懷疑你 - 你聽見嗎,小家伙?
  [01:28.78]You’re almost home. 你快到家了
  [01:35.02]- My feet are sweating. - Do we need a news flash - 我的腳在冒汗 - 我們需要即時報道嗎?
  [01:39.42]- every time your body does something? - lgnore him. - 每次你的小孩兒做點什么的時候? - 別理他
  [01:41.46]Seriously. My feet are really hot. 是真的,我的腳真的很燙!噢,噢
  [01:50.10]Tell me that was your stomach. 是你的肚子在叫吧?
  [01:53.70]I’m sure it was just thunder. 噓,我肯定是那是雷聲
  [01:54.82]From underground? 聲音…來自…地下?
  [02:18.46]Come on, keep up with me. 快,跟我一起跑
  [02:21.42]I would if you were moving. 可你原地不動!
  [02:27.10]- I wish I could jump like that. - Wish granted. - 哇,但愿我也能跳 - 成全你了!
  [02:33.38]- Come on, move faster. - Have you noticed the river of lava? - 快!跑快點! - 難道你沒看到熔巖流嗎?
  [02:58.90]Hold Pinky. 抱緊他!
  [03:31.14]Manny. 曼尼
  [03:46.46]Manny, Manny, Manny, you OK? Come on, come on, say something. Anything. 曼尼,你沒事吧? 求你說點什么,什么都行
  [03:50.78]What? What? I can’t hear you. 什么?什么?我聽不清
  [03:53.70]You’re standing on my trunk. 你站在我的鼻子上了
  [03:58.94]- You’re OK. You’re OK. - Why did you do that? - 啊,你沒事!你沒事 - 你為什么那么干?
  [04:00.94]You could have died, trying to save me. 你冒死…救了我的命
  [04:04.62]That’s what you do in a herd. 大家是一個集體
  [04:09.30]You look out for each other. 得互相照顧
  [04:09.66]Well, thanks. 噢!謝謝
  [04:15.54]I don’t know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I’ve ever seen. 不知你們怎么想,可我覺得 我們這“集體”是最怪的
  [04:38.10]I can’t wait to get my claws in that mammoth. 我的爪子都快等不及 要撕爛那長毛象了!
  [04:41.78]No one touches the mammoth until I get that baby. 誰都不能碰那長毛象 除非我先得到…孩子!
  [04:49.46]First, I’ll slice its hindquarters into sections. 首先,我要把那長毛象撕開扯爛
  [04:51.42]- I’ll put the white meat in one pile and... - Knock it off. I’m starving. - 把白色肉放一堆,深色… - 嘿,別再說了!我餓壞了!
  [04:53.62]Next, the shoulders. Occasionally tough, but extremely juicy. 肩膀的肉…可能比較老 但絕對多汁
  [04:59.82]- I told you to knock it off. - Save your energy. - 警告過你了,別再說了! - 省點力氣吧!
  [05:01.06]Mammoths don’t go down easy. 要殺長毛象談何容易
  [05:05.14]There’s only one way to do it. 只有一個辦法
  [05:08.86]First, you have to force it into a corner. 首先,得把他逼上死角
  [05:14.78]I’ll go for the throat. 我就咬斷他的喉嚨
  [05:26.94]Guys, we gotta get this kid outta the wind. 伙計們,別讓孩子吹著風!
  [05:34.26]- How much further? - Three miles. - 還有多遠? - 三英里
  [05:37.70]I’m beat. We’ll get there in the morning. 我累壞了,我們早上能到
  [05:42.74]- What are you doing? - I’m putting sloths on the map. - 你在干嘛? - 我讓樹懶…名垂千古
  [05:50.90]Why don’t you make it realistic and draw him lying down? 那得畫得現實點,畫他在睡覺
  [05:51.98]And make him rounder. 畫得“圓”一些
  [05:58.42]- Perfect. - I forgot how to laugh. - 好極了 - 哈!我真笑不出來
  [06:10.26]I’m a genius. 我是個天才
  [06:15.34]From now on you’ll have to refer to me as Sid, Lord of the Flame. 從現在起,你們得稱呼我 “希德-火焰之王”
  [06:20.50]Lord of the Flame, your tail’s on fire. 嘿,火焰之王,你尾巴著火了
  [06:30.54]Thank you. From now on, I’m gonna call you Diego. 噢,謝謝,從現在起 我就管你叫…“迭戈”
  [06:34.94]Lord of "Touch Me and You’re Dead". “摸我你是死定之王”
  [06:38.58]I’m just kidding, you little knucklehead. 我是說著玩的,你這沒頭腦的
  [06:41.26]Lovebirds. 嘿,小倆口
  [06:44.58]Look at this. 快瞧
  [06:50.62]I don’t believe it. 這簡直…太神了
  [07:04.66]Come here, you little biped. Come here, you little wormy-worm. 過來,小家伙,過來,你這小蟲蟲
  [07:10.10]Come to Uncle Sid. 到希德叔叔這兒來
  [07:13.30]No, no... This way. This way. 這邊,這邊
  [07:17.86]No, no, no. No, go to him. 不,去他那兒
  [07:20.94]Go to him. 去他那兒
  [07:23.82]OK. 好吧
  [07:28.50]Good job. Keep practicing. 干得好,接著…練習吧
  [07:34.06]Look at that. Our little guy is growing up. 快瞧啊,我們的小家伙在長大
  [07:40.94]All right, come on. Sleep time, lumpy. 好了,過來,該睡了,肉團兒
  [07:48.78]Look at that big pushover. 他對孩子就是親
  [07:51.46]You know, Diego, I’ve never had a friend who would risk his life for me. 要知道,迭戈 我還沒有能冒死救我的朋友呢
  [07:55.94]Yeah, Manny’s... he’s a good guy. 是啊,曼尼他…他真好
  [08:02.62]Yeah, he is. 是啊,的確
  [08:04.58]Well, good night. 好了,晚安
  [08:37.86]Let’s get you all cleaned up. What’s your daddy gonna say if you go back all stinky? 好了,我給你弄弄干凈,你這么 又臟又臭的回去,你老爸會怎么說?
  [08:45.46]Let me just clean that up. That looks good. A little bit here. 我來擦干凈,嗯,好多了 這兒還有點兒
  [08:50.14]- You clean up nice, little fella. - I think he’s starting to look like me. - 擦干凈真漂亮,小家伙 - 他長得越來越象我了
  [08:53.78]Diego, what do you think? 嘿,迭戈,你說呢?
  [08:56.98]- Maybe we shouldn’t do this. - Why not? - 也許不該送回去 - 為什么?
  [09:00.98]If we save him, he’ll be a hunter. And who do you think he’ll hunt? 因為他長大后會成為獵人 你說他會獵殺誰?
  [09:05.02]Maybe because we save him, he won’t hunt us. 也許救了他,他就不會成獵人
  [09:06.42]Yeah, and maybe he’ll grow fur and a long skinny neck and call you Mama. 是啊,也許他會長出毛和長脖 然叫你“媽媽”
  [09:11.58]- What’s your problem? - Nothing. Let’s go. I’m freezing my tail off. - 你怎么回事? - 沒什么,我們走,凍死我了
  [09:35.34]Diego. You frozen back there? 嘿,迭戈,你被凍住了嗎?
  [09:42.98]- Get down. - What? - 低下身子! - 什么?
  [09:45.26]- Get down and follow me. - What’s going on? - 噓,低下身跟我走 - 嘿,怎么回事?
  [09:45.70]At the bottom of Half Peak, there’s an ambush waiting for you. 在半峰山腳下,有個埋伏…等著你們
  [09:51.14]- What? - What do you mean, "ambush"? - 什么? - 你說什么“埋伏”?
  [09:57.30]- You set us up. - It was my job. - 你設了圈套! - 那是我的任務!
  [10:00.22]- I was to get the baby, but then... - You brought us home for dinner. - 我得把孩子搶到手,可是… - 你把我們帶回家當晚餐